Sunday, February 18, 2007

Fini! Almost

The first of unfinished. I was making these clogs for the DH, I purchased what I thought was enough yarn to complete it well take a look at the right clog, The two are not similar, the one on the right is not finished. Yes they are ginormous but they have not been felted, once felted they will shrink.
This is the first square I made out of my leftover stash. I am going to make squares and then going to join them to send to either The Native Elders Program or to Friends of the Pine Ridge.Another square

A house warming present for a friend. She just moved into a new condo and likes blue white flowers and kitty's. The flower patter is called Flower Power and the link is: Yarn is Peaches & Cream colorway is Denim.

This second one is called Miss Meow it can be purchased at and you guessed it about for rows before the border, I ran out of yarn.
If anyone is wondering about the Bella shawl, it's still alive, the knitting is very slow on it, I have to take the lace pattern across the top over the shoulder and down the back to the knee. I'll finish it some century.

This is the Third day of Yule, Three French Hens.
And here it is DH's sweater I finished knitting the sleeves by 10:00 am on Saturday, laid down took a nap from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and then started finishing sewing seams, weaving in yarn, sewing the buttons on. Etc. I believe the next time I will make the sweater I will make it smaller. Even though he says it fits I feel it's too baggie. He did not like the seed stitch ribbing so I put in a knit 6 purl 6 ribbing on the bottom, sleeves, and neck. The pattern can be found at Vermont Fiber Designs
This is a very easy pattern to knit. This is my second sweater. I only would like to see the company go more into detail as to how to set the sleeves in, I knew how to do it because I have sewn in the past. The yarn I used was Elizabeth Lavold, silky wool, it's 65% wool, 35% silk, The colorway is Denim Blue (32) Washing instructions, hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.


Scarlett said...

I love seeing everyone's FT clogs, I will get to working on mine someday.

brandilion said...

I love DH's sweater. It looks great and it looks great on him. I wouldn't go too much smaller as this one allows for layering and if you get much tighter has been my experience that guys won't wear it.

Jen said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog. You're the first! That sweater looks great. I'll have to do a little entry about the patterns at Vermont Fibers. Take care!

Sande Francis said...

Wow, your DH is a great big guy! :)
If you do knit another of this sweater, you might consider putting in some short rows across the belly area. See how the sweater pulls up in front? Short rows will fix that and the sweater will look and fit much better. Take a look at the back neck, too. If your DH is like me (I'm fat, way too fat!) he might have a pad of fat at the bottom of his neck. A few short rows added here will allow the sweater to hang correctly from his shoulders.

Kudos for sticking with such a large project! I will knit myself a shawl but never a sweater - too much knitting! And, I'm seldom cold enough to need a sweater, but I will use a shawl. :)

Great work!

hakucho said...

Your clogs look wonderful! Last night I finished my clogs, too...I'm dying to felt them :) They sure are huge. Very interesting pattern!