Monday, February 12, 2007

What's up with not enough to finish.

DH, sweater sits waiting for the yarn to come to finish his sweater. The yarn for Heidi's sweater is in the same order. Well dang since I won't be able to finish the DH's sweater because I am waiting for delivery, I thought I would knit and felt him a pair of the Fiber Trend clogs... I literally have 10 more rows to finish on the second cuff, and I'm done, I run out. No one in the area has that color so again I must order from on line and wait for the shipment. gggggrrrr. Ok so next thing make 2 wash cloths for Imp she just moved into her own place and having the wash cloths should make it feel more like home. The first one the flower is done and blocking the second, Fark!!! out of yarn and still need at least 10 more rows. Thankfully all I have to do it go to Walmart to get this one. So three projects sit waiting. I finally got Nancy her sweater for her chihuahua Isabelle. She adored it. Asked me to knit another in purple and green, well I had turquoise, and black. I'll post those soon. Onto next project, making another pair fingerless gloves but this time for someone that asked me for a pair of them. I have one skein of this pink colorway in malabrigio which is perfect for the gloves. Don't fret I have found shamrock dishcloths and they will be made to in addition to knitting the sweater for DH.

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Scarlett said...

head perking up??? shamrock dishcloth, i wanna a pattern for that if you wanna share.

I have the FiberTrends Clog and plan on making those sometime this summer.