Friday, February 23, 2007

I've been busy

I finished the February Mid month KAL. This is done in Peaches and Cream in the Denim colorway. It's a lace pattern, and I made one mistake in it, but unless you know where it is you can't see it. I also joined a group called From the Heart of Texas. They are a group located in Houston, they have w monthly KALs and CALs. They knit squares join to create blankets and donate them to local charities. You have the choice of knitting them and either sending them to the group or donating them to the charity of your choice. It was interesting both groups used a ssk2po stitch.
These are the Eowyn fingerless gloves but this time in Malabrigio in a colorway called Little Lovely. I love this pattern these are made for a friend.

This pattern comes from it's called Calorimetry I had a little bit of Malabrigio left over from my Eowyn gloves in the Velvet Grapes colorway so I knitted it up. It's very quick, very cute, the Malabrigio makes it very soft, and it's warm. I despise hats, this is perfect for me because it covers my ears to keep them warm and it buttons in back under your hair. Perfect.

This is the back of My Rachel Sweater, I started it Saturday the 17th. I am trying to get it finished before March 3rd. I would like to wear it to the North Texas Irish Festival. So far I have about 3/4 of the front knitted then all I would have left are the sleeves, then when I finish it I can start on Heidi's sweater.

The weather has been beautiful, it's be in the high 70's I have to get out into the rose garden and cut the roses back, get algae remover into the pond and plant my flower seeds in pots and put them in the green house. I have to hurry with the seeds get them planted while we are still in a waxing moon. Grandfather always told me to plant flowers from the new to the full moon. Thank goodness we are really not doing much this weekend. Gardening and knitting what a better way to spend a weekend.


Scarlett said...

Ohh, how freaky...we have the sameish color

At least mine looked close to everyone else's.

Curious, do you block yours?? Does blocking set the memory of cotton? O always heard cotton had no memory, so why block? I saw posts where others blocked theirs. Just curious.

Kayleen said...

You do beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing!

From the Heart of Texas