Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting there

Progress update on the Rachael sweater. The back is knit and blocked, the front and sleeves are knit and blocking. That means I really can't do anything with it until tomorrow evening. Still have to knit collar and sew the seams. It may be ready for the North Texas Irish Festival (NTIF) on Saturday. The temps are going to be mid 5o's so it won't be too hot to wear the sweater. That would mean that I finished the sweater in a week and a half??? damm that's fast. I have been asked to make another pair of the Eowyn gloves oh and by the way have them ready for Saturday too. I've got the body of one done and blocking. I need to make an Elvis wash cloth and have it ready Wednesday evening. It's a gift for some Elvis fan that DH knows at work. I have to start on Heidi's sweater The Tribecca finish DH's felted clogs make Todd's hat poor man his ears are going to freeze in New York, make a pair of gloves for consignment.
Well at least today I got the roses trimmed, tomorrow I am going to rake the rose garden itself. Have to cut everything dead out of the raised bed and see if the lavender will come back or if I have to replant. The rosemary is doing great. DH has to work on the pond but has to first clean up his mess in the front yard, he trimmed a section of one of the oak trees and our front lawn looks like the aftermath of a wind storm.


Scarlett said...

Geez, you did all that in a week....hanging head in shame...do you take geritol or something.

Scarlett said...

regarding the note on my blog....

Work is work, good or bad, it has it's days. Isn't working stresful no matter where?

And yes, anyone is welcome to use the quotes I will post all month long for Women's History Month, just be a good do-bee and cite source.