Wednesday, February 21, 2007

She's amazing!!!

One of my nieces (this is the niece that is the proud owner of the Kittyville hat from SNB) is studying at I.C.E. (The Institute of Culinary Education) in New York City. She is taking classed in Baking/Pastry and also in Culinary Management. Well on the 19th she learned how to pull a sugar ribbon, you know the kind they have on the Food Network the contests that have these ginormous sugar sculptures that break and smash into zillions of pieces. Hers will never break..

By the way, we have reserved her ot make our cake for our 25th wedding anniversary... She's got 15 yrs to prepare.


Scarlett said...

Those are freaking amazing. How in the world those things are created are beyond me.

At work, we put whipped cream on the pancakes (yuck) but I always try to get this one server who has baking experience cause she makes little stars and stuff from just the whip cream can. When I do it, it looks like crap.

Heidi Durham said...

And these were my first ones (ever)! I will be practicing more this weekend - hopefully none will break! :) Thanks for posting it. That makes me feel spay-shal.